Sketchbook Litters Chronological list



This list will contain all the litters bred here, plus dogs bred elsewhere who are (or were) residents here. Those dogs with a live link have individual info pages. The litter birthdate and parents are listed with each litter.

Naming - the tradition in France is for all pups born in a calendar year to have a name beginning with the same letter. Most Picard breeders here in the US are following that convention. 2010 was the "F" year, 2011 is the "G" year, and 2012 will be the "H" year.


The first Sketchbook Picard litter, the largest litter of Picards born in the USA so far, at age 7 weeks

Photo by Krisma Images

"G-2" litter - 2M-2F born October 21, 2011 - TouchA Diego x IntCH & UKC CH Mava de la Vallee du Mouton

"G-1" litter - 6M-2F born October 7, 2011 - Camillo of Ballerine's Picards x UKC CH AllStars Delta Barke

"F " litter - 4M-7F born January 24, 2010 - UKC CH Aero du Domaine de Saint Paul x IntCH & UKC CH Mava de la Vallee du Mouton

Our second Picard, 1/2 our foundation - born April 10, 2006, bred by Christian & Monika Janes - CH Toy du Val du Thelle x Sweety des Futaies Picardes

Our first Picard, 1/2 our foundation - born December 1, 2008, bred by Betsy Richards - UKC GCH Boomer of Double D Ranch x UKC CH Beaujolais des Garous d'Ebene